How does a Photobooth work?

Photobooths are fully self operable by following all on-screen instructions. A booth attendant would be present to guide use and trouble-shoot any difficulties.

Follow the instructions below to operate.

  1. Tap the screen to start 
  2. Stand on the marked area
  3. Pose for the picture. Wait until you hear the picture taken and displayed before striking your next pose
  4. Wait for the program to process the pictures and insert into a template if offered
  5. To print: Click on the print option button and select the desired amount of copies. The amount of prints each guest gets is requested by the host of the event and not by the booth attendant.
  6. To email: Click on the email button and enter your email address. Then click okay.
  7. To share on social media. Click on the desired social media button and enter the requested fields. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media have their own sharing options.
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